CMAS / VIT Wreckdiver
Whether they are wrecks deliberately sunk to serve as artificial reefs for 'aquatic creatures' and divers, or whether they are the result of an accident - wrecks are always something of a fascinating window into the past. Ships, airplanes and even cars under water are popular objects to explore and enjoy the creatures that have settled there. Every wreck offers many opportunities to discover something special, perhaps even to solve a mystery surrounding this wreck, or to see something that other divers have overlooked. You will be familiarized in theory and practice with the safe planning, preparation and execution of wreck dives.
Upon completion of the course you will become familiar with the particular problems and dangers of wreck diving, be able to assemble the right equipment for wreck dives and use orientation aids on and in wrecks as well as behave correctly with regard to dealing with your diving partner during and after the dive.
duration: 2 days
  • theoretical training
  • 4 wreck dives
  • transport to the divesite on Malta by car
  • the equipment is not included
  • prerequisite: CMAS**, be 16 years of age or older, 50 logged dives, a medical statement is required
  • certification fee: 28.00 €, payable locally
our prices:our price on the spot: 195  €
our pre booked price: 179  €