Diving with Mad Shark


The Tug “Rozi” (Cirkewwa)

Originally named “Rossmore”, the tug was built in 1958 in Bristol, England. While sold to Liverpool in 1969, she got the new name “Rossgarth”. Until she got laid off, since 1973 the tug was doing her duty in Malta and was last named “Rozi”. In 1992 the “Rozi” was bought by Captain Morgan and sunk as attraction for a submarine of the ferry jetty in Cirkewwa. The submarine got laid off in the same year and the “Rozi” stayed at her final resting place for us divers.

Not only wreck divers will enjoy the dive since the tug is the home for a variety of fish. Depending on the season you find next to bream, groupers, damsel and parrot fish also barracudas and hunting tunas.

Max. Depth 36 meters
Depth over deck 32 meters
Depth at the mast top 20 meters